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Aerva lanata; A cure or a cause for kidney diseases; A brief overview

Year: 2022 Volume: 03

At present the phyto-preparations are widely used in clinical practice and among them Aerva lanata (A. lanata) is commonly known as “Polpala” in Sinhalese, which is prescribed to alleviate kidney diseases in Complementary and Ayurvedic Medicine (CAM). The infusion of the plant extract has resolved urolithiasis and has induced diuresis in patients relying on CAM therapy. Scientific data supports this traditional claim. However, a controversy exists that the prolong use of the plant material may cause renal damage. Scientific literature also does not put forth the negative effects of using a long-term basis, though the dried plant preparations are readily available in the form of herbal tea in many countries. Therefore, this overview is a compilation of both the beneficial and detrimental effects of the use of plant material as a treatment in kidney diseases. Evaluation of the current literature supports the belief of nephrotoxicity in long term administration over its reported nephroprotection. Thus, the author reports that people who tend to self-medicate with A. lanata should be vigilant due to its possible adverse effects.

Aerva lanata , “Pashanabeda” , Herbal diuretics , Anti urolithiatic herbs , Nephrotoxicity

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